The Deckhouse, Woolwich
The Deckhouse, Woolwich

Waterview, Bicentennial Park
Waterview, Bicentennial Park

Yes, I may hit the d-floor.
Yes, I may hit the d-floor.

The Deckhouse, Woolwich
The Deckhouse, Woolwich


Ceremony & Reception MC


Thinking you might need an MC for your reception? I'm your gal. Trust me, I've seen the best and the worst of them. Let your family and friends have the night off to enjoy your evening WITH you. And after a few drinks... no-one wants to hear drunk 'Uncle Johnny' get on the mic to crack a few innapropriate jokes only to miss the punchline. If I'm not available for you, I can refer some of my pretty amazing MC friends.

This combo offers the best of both worlds. For the couple that want to sit back, relax, have a drink, chat to their guests, take selfies and rest easy in the fact that everything is being looked after by a person who now knows you pretty well and genuinely wants you to have the best Marriage Ceremony and Reception ever!


  • Completely personalised, bespoke and tailored ceremony script.

  • As many guests as you like.

  • Any day you like.

  • Use of my awesome PA and wireless microphone.

  • Legal paperwork sorted. 

  • Printed keepsake of your ceremony and questionnaires.

  • Ceremony choreography with attention to absolutely every detail. 

  • Up to 1 hour in travel to and from the ceremony location (that's 2 hours of free travel!).

  • On the day, I will be at the ceremony location at least 1 hour beforehand to ensure everything goes to plan.

  • Appropriate dress to fit in with your colour scheme. 

  • Professional, fun and natural delivery of your ceremony script.

*Quotes will be provided for additional travel costs.

*A rehearsal can be arranged at an additional cost.

Prices exclude payment of $60 for your Official Marriage Certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. 

RECEPTION MC (5 hours)

  • Atmosphere. By this point, we have gotten to know each other pretty well. I take our relationship to the next level to ensure the awesome vibe set from the ceremony carries through to the night and is extended to your family and friends.

  • Personalisation. Just like your Ceremony…it’s all about you! I will deliver and extend the formalities into the night and then when that’s done, I’ll get the party started!

  •  Organisation. I’ll be liaising with your chosen suppliers and vendors to ensure everything (and everyone) runs to your schedule and budget in a relaxed and calming manner. 

  • Goodie bag. I’m not going to give away all my tricks. If you choose me to be your MC I will guide you through the many possibilities to make your night as memorable and fun as possible.

  • The Interim. If there is time between the Ceremony and the Reception (which there usually is), I am more than happy to help you liasie your family photogrpahs, or do anything you need to make sure your day is a success.

Total: $2500