Why hello there! Thanks for clicking by. This obviously means one thing...a huge congratulations to you and your partner on becoming engaged! You don't know it yet but I for real,  am so excited for you both. If you couldn't tell, I am a huge lover of love. Of every type of love, for every type of person which I believe can be celebrated in every type of way (hence the whole Marriage Celebrant kinda thing).

I am not going to go on here about myself as this milestone and celebration is about the two of you and who you are (which I can't wait to find out about). But do know this... I absolutely pride myself on excellent service to deliver a very professional, personal, engaging and fun ceremony for you and your guests. I ensure your ceremony is the perfect balance of ease, humour (do love a good pun) and emotion. I meticulously plan behind the scenes to create a very relaxed ceremony vibe. Feel free to check out the testimonials from my couples, many of whom have remained friends.

I'm based in Sydney and travel far and wide, including interstate and overseas all in the name of love. 

Have a question? Please ask as I am the queen of questions. I really look forward to hearing from you. 


Michelle x